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    #1 First Aid Kit Service in TX

    Texas Based Safety TWS provides San Antonio first aid kit refill service and supplies to organizations of all categories and sizes. We are a one-stop shop for workplace safety solutions that demonstrate quality, effectiveness, and OSHA compliance. Our first aid kit service includes a variety of products and services designed to keep your workplace a safe place. Submit a request through our website or give us a call for more information on our first aid kit products and maintenance services. We take pride in serving the San Antonio, TX community with superior and affordable first aid supplies.

    Stocked First Aid Kits

    Our stocked first aid kits include all items required by OSHA to accommodate minor emergencies. First aid supplies include extra-strength adhesive bandages, over-the-counter medication such as Tylenol, antiseptics, and other safety products. The 4-Shelf Kit is perfect for medium-to-industrial settings while the 3-Shelf Kit is more optimal for smaller businesses or remote locations.

    First Responder Kits

    First responders are the first medical professionals on the scene in emergency situations. Our premium first responder kits include all supplies required by emergency responders to administer life-saving treatments such as stethoscopes, sphygmomanometers, glucose/saline products, and other advanced treatment supplies.

    Trauma Bags

    Trauma bags include specialized tools necessary to stop life-threatening injuries so that medical professionals can control bleeding, fix airway problems, or immobilize injuries. Items include tourniquets, gauze, antiseptics, chest seals, splints, and other supplies. Trauma bags are designed to make emergency items easily accessible in situations where every second counts.

    First Aid & CPR Training

    Before emergency personnel arrive on the scene, employees are responsible for navigating the situation. It is crucial to educate your team on rescue techniques that can save a life during the first minutes of an emergency. Our professionals provide on-site training that is interactive, educational, and OSHA compliant.

    First Aid Kit Refills

    Due to the perishable nature of first aid kit supplies, we offer routine first aid refills for your safety and convenience. Our refill service includes the help of a dedicated first aid kit maintenance specialist who provides usage reports and handles restocking supplies with your approval. This ensures that supplies are not used past their expiration dates and your kit is always fully stocked.

    Service Areas

    First Aid Kit Maintenance Services

    Texas Based Safety also offers first aid kit maintenance to ensure regular supply replenishment to keep your workplace a safe place. Running a company is never easy and keeping track of first aid inventory can sometimes be overlooked. Therefore, we have developed a proactive and preventive service that takes the responsibility of maintaining first aid kits off your hands. Our safety kits are created with the highest level of expertise, integrity, and quality. Review our additional service areas to find a TWS location near you! We look forward to speaking with you and providing the tools necessary to keep your organization and employees safe.


    TWS Texas Based Safety is a comprehensive safety solutions, and safety training company servicing the whole state of Texas. TWS provides Texas Based Fire Extinguisher Service & Training, Texas Based First Aid, CPR, AED Training, Texas Based Occupational Health & Safety Services, Texas Based Environmental Site Assessments, Texas Based HSE Consulting, Texas Based Safety Management System Implementations, & more! The entire staff at TWS has worked in the field and knows first-hand what it takes to keep an operation running safe, well outfitted, and OSHA compliant. Browse the TWS website today to learn more about the comprehensive Texas Safety Consulting Services available to you including HSE Contract Services, Remote Medical Services, HSE Training & more.

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    ✓ Fully Stocked First Aid Kits

    ✓ First Aid Refills

    ✓ First Aid/CPR Training

    ✓ Trauma Bags

    ✓ First Responder Kits

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