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    First Aid Kit Service in New Orleans

    Our New Orleans first aid kit service is designed to meet the specific requirements of each customer. One of our first aid specialists will review the process with you to identify which kit and maintenance options are right for you. TWS is here to ensure that your organization is prepared should disaster ever strike. We also provide professional first aid and CPR training for employees. Customer review and approval is required on every order to avoid any inconvenient mistakes or billing surprises.

    Stocked First Aid Kits

    Our stocked first aid kits come in either the 3-Shelf or 4-Shelf option. The 3-Shelf is great for small businesses and remote locations. The 4-Shelf is more ideal for medium and industrial settings. First aid supplies include items like adhesive bandages to treat minor injuries and preventive items like Neosporin to stop infection.

    First Responder Kits

    First responder kits must be on hand and ready for immediate use in an emergency situation. These types of kits are instrumental in stabilizing an individual before they can be transported for treatment. Supplies include stethoscopes, sphygmomanometers, glucose and saline products, and advanced treatment supplies.

    Trauma Bags

    Trauma bags are used by medical professionals on the scene for major life-threatening injuries. They usually include items such as tourniquets, gauze, antiseptics, chest seals, splints and other advanced first aid treatment supplies. The bags are packed to maximize supply accessibility during an emergency.

    First Aid & CPR Training

    We offer onsite first aid & CPR training to educate employees on how to act quickly and appropriately while waiting for first responders during an emergency Our interactive training is designed to keep attendees engaged and only takes a single business day to complete!

    First Aid Kit Refills

    As part of our first aid refill service, you’ll be assigned a designated maintenance specialist who oversees your supplies, restocking, and customer service. We closely monitor supply expiration dates and replenishment needs to make sure you’re always covered.

    Service Areas

    First Aid Kit Maintenance

    TWS Texas Based Safety is a proud provider of quality and affordable first aid kit maintenance services that alleviate the stress of managing inventory and supply replenishment. Submit a request through the website or call our team for more information on how to get started. Never compromise when it comes to workplace safety – go with the leading provider of first aid kit refills and supplies in New Orleans. Review our additional service pages to find a location near you! A leader in OSHA compliant safety solutions, TWS Texas Based Safety has expanded its first aid kit refill service & supplies into New Orleans. We offer first aid replenishment and maintenance services to keep your kits fully stocked and up-to-code. We are here to help keep your organization safe, educated, and prepared for anything.


    TWS Texas Based Safety is a comprehensive safety solutions, and safety training company servicing the whole state of Texas. TWS provides Texas Based Fire Extinguisher Service & Training, Texas Based First Aid, CPR, AED Training, Texas Based Occupational Health & Safety Services, Texas Based Environmental Site Assessments, Texas Based HSE Consulting, Texas Based Safety Management System Implementations, & more! The entire staff at TWS has worked in the field and knows first-hand what it takes to keep an operation running safe, well outfitted, and OSHA compliant. Browse the TWS website today to learn more about the comprehensive Texas Safety Consulting Services available to you including HSE Contract Services, Remote Medical Services, HSE Training & more.

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    ✓ Fully Stocked First Aid Kits

    ✓ First Aid Refills

    ✓ First Aid/CPR Training

    ✓ Trauma Bags

    ✓ First Responder Kits

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