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    First Aid Kit Service

    TWS offers pre-built or custom kits that specific to an organization’s individual needs. Whether you require basic supplies or advanced trauma kits, our comprehensive first aid kit service is here to make sure your workplace is a safe place. We offer both 3-Shelf and 4-Shelf kits to accommodate organizations of all sizes. We are a leading provider of Austin first aid kit refill service and supplies specializing in quality first aid kits for organizations throughout the state of Texas. We also specialize in first aid and CPR training to prepare your employees to act fast in an emergency.

    Stocked First Aid Kits

    Our stocked first aid kits consist of basic first aid supplies used to treat minor onsite injuries immediately including adhesive bandages and preventive items like Neosporin that keep infection from forming post-injury.

    Trauma Bags

    Trauma bags are essential in treating major life-threatening injuries. These kits contain advanced medical supplies such as tourniquets, gauze, antiseptics, chest seals, splits and other advanced first aid items.

    First Aid & CPR Training

    Provide your employees with hands-on first aid and CPR training they can take with them beyond the workplace. A well-informed and prepared staff that can take action when it counts is important to maintaining a safe working environment.

    First Responder Kits

    First responder kits are made up of all actionable life-saving items so that assistance can be initiated before the individual can receive more advanced treatment. Common items include stethoscopes, saline products, and other advanced first aid treatment supplies.

    First Aid Kit Refills

    TWS provides full-service first aid kit refills including expiration date monitoring and supply replenishment to ensure that your workplace safety solutions reflect the highest level of quality, effectiveness, and OSHA compliance.

    Service Areas

    First Aid Kit Maintenance

    First aid kits are made up of perishable items with expiration dates that require constant upkeep to comply with OSHA requirements. Our first aid kit maintenance program gives you more time and peace of mind while we handle your first aid inventory and restocking. A designated first aid kit maintenance specialist works closely with you to streamline the process, go over usage reports, and get approval before placing all orders. Enforcing proper safety solutions in the workplace makes all the difference when it comes to taking action during onsite emergencies. Our interactive training can be held on-site and completed by the end of the business day — saving you time and costs in the long run. Contact us today to get started! We are a proud top provider of first aid kit services in Austin, TX. You can reach a team member by submitting a contact form request or giving us a call. We look forward to speaking with you.


    TWS Texas Based Safety is a comprehensive safety solutions, and safety training company servicing the whole state of Texas. TWS provides Texas Based Fire Extinguisher Service & Training, Texas Based First Aid, CPR, AED Training, Texas Based Occupational Health & Safety Services, Texas Based Environmental Site Assessments, Texas Based HSE Consulting, Texas Based Safety Management System Implementations, & more! The entire staff at TWS has worked in the field and knows first-hand what it takes to keep an operation running safe, well outfitted, and OSHA compliant. Browse the TWS website today to learn more about the comprehensive Texas Safety Consulting Services available to you including HSE Contract Services, Remote Medical Services, HSE Training & more.

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    ✓ Fully Stocked First Aid Kits

    ✓ First Aid Refills

    ✓ First Aid/CPR Training

    ✓ Trauma Bags

    ✓ First Responder Kits

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