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Texas Fire Extinguisher Sales

There are a wide variety of fire extinguishers to choose from to keep your property protected. We specialize in Texas fire extinguisher sales and fire extinguisher service to keep your assets protected. It’s important that your fire extinguisher installation be performed by a knowledgeable and certified fire extinguisher company like TWS Texas Safety to prevent unauthorized mistakes that can lead to thousands of dollars in damage.

Your Full-Service Fire Extinguisher Supplier

All fire extinguishers require annual service, tests, inspections and more using certified parts for repairs and federally regulated processes to keep them in reliable working condition. Once your fire extinguisher is installed in an easily accessible location following state and federal regulations, TWS Texas Safety can provide annual maintenance which includes valve inspection, collar inspection, gauge inspection and more. Your pressure gauge determines whether your fire extinguisher can discharge properly when needed. It is important that it stays within an acceptable reading at each inspection. If your gauge reads too low, we recharge it to bring it back up to an acceptable level, usually between 185 – 205psi.

Fire Extinguisher Sales

Our fire extinguisher sales and fire extinguisher service can help keep you protected and up to speed with state and federal guidelines. Don’t forget that certified fire extinguisher companies in Texas, like TWS Texas Safety, provide an unmatched level of knowledge that will keep your fire extinguisher up to regulation and ready for use should it be needed.

Comprehensive Safety Solutions

Our services don't stop in the fire extinguisher sales & supplies department. We offer a wide variety of safety services & supplies to the state of Texas. Make your workplace safe & OSHA compliant through our OSHA Training Solutions & Workplace Safety Training programs. We specialize in AED Sales & Service, & First Aid Kit Sales & Service helping to keep your equipment compliant and up to date. Looking to place a Safety expert in-house? We offer Safety Staffing Solutions to businesses needing to relieve their safety administration burden. With a full catalog of Safety Supplies, we have the equipment you need to keep your staff safe and working efficiently utilizing only reliable brands that are built to last. Our comprehensive safety solutions alsop include workplace toxicology to keep drugs & other unwanted substances from hindering productivity.

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