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Texas Based HSE Consulting Services

When it comes to developing a workplace safety management program, we provide health and safety consultants who have the knowledge to develop custom solutions based on your company’s needs. The benefits of hiring a safety consultant takes the burden off your staff to navigate complex federal and state safety regulations and instead offers a proactive and systemized approach to put safety standards in place that protect your company. Did you know that OSHA requires a written safety plan and documentation of safety procedures? Our consultants can provide an effective assessment of your company’s current plan and effectively implement changes and suggestions to protect the health and safety of your staff.

Health and Safety Training Experts

When hiring safety consulting firms it’s important to assess your company’s size and needs. Our health and safety consultants work with clients to provide customized safety staffing solutions, written safety plans, safety audits and workplace safety programs. By outsourcing your safety needs you will reduce the liability to your company, reduce administrative costs and secure the reputation of your company for safe practices. We are committed to helping senior management make informed decisions and create a culture of safety within your company. By conducting an audit and assessment of your company’s safety plan, we can identify gaps and strengthen processes to improve health and safety services.

Consulting Services

TWS consulting services can help develop management systems that support safety sustainability and business performance throughout the full life cycle of your business. These services include:

  • Bidder qualification evaluation
  • Contractor selection and Management
  • Site Safety Assessment monitoring and inspection
  • Development and implementation of Health, Safety & Environment System and processes
  • Contractor selection and Management
  • Risk Assessment and Risk Management Consultation
  • Exhaustive incident investigation and root-cause analysis and recovery
  • Change Management System Design and Consulting
  • Maintenance Program Development and Improvement
  • Five Star Occupational Health and safety Audit
  • HSE Metrics Development and Consulting
  • Safety Culture Assessment & Evaluation, Training and Organizational Change
  • Safety Performance monitoring and Measurement
  • Emergency response and contingency management
  • Environmental Permit Management & Regulatory Applicability
  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessments
  • Waste Management

Experienced Health and Safety Consultants

Our Texas Based HSE Consulting services are designed to provide companies with an internal structure to stay OSHA compliant and reduce the risk of employees who might be exposed to occupational health and safety risks on the job. When choosing safety consulting companies, it is important to consider your industry. Our experience and knowledge areas include Texas Based Safety Management System Implementation, Texas Based Environmental Site Assessment, Texas Based Fire Extinguisher Service & Training, Texas Safety Database Management, Texas Based First Aid CPR AED Training and Texas Based Occupational Health & Safety Services.

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