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TWS specializes in database management for contractor and client based platforms such as ISNetworld and PEC. Online databases streamline the contracting process; however, trying to navigate and ensure that your company meets all the requirements of your perspective clients can be exhaustive and cumbersome. Contractorization, the outsourcing of work to contractors is the future of business, but with this outsourcing comes risk. We are the risk management experts and we guarantee that your business will attain the highest ratings to ensure that your marketability surpasses client expectations. We at TWS specialize in creating effective and efficient solutions for your companies needs, not only to comply with regulatory requirements, but to enhance the overall culture within your workforce. Our efforts and expertise bring peace of mind to your company and securing your place in marketplace.

Core Services offered:

  • Questionnaire fulfillment
  • Health & Safety Policies and Procedures
  • Insurance & Procurement verification
  • Regulatory Compliance & Training
  • Auditing & Evaluating
  • Customer Service & Outreach
  • Client Representation

Questionnaire Fulfillment

Identify current company services and apply knowledge to complete the initial 560 plus questionnaire. Engineer a scalable action plan to attain scores or ratings agreeable by the company.

Health & Safety Policies and Procedures

Create or customize a company’s Safety Management System to incorporate regulatory H&S programs along with programs and policy to enhance the culture of safety. Generate documents, procedures, and monthly safety meetings to increase awareness and adhere to identity industry "best practices." We provide accident investigation services in the event there is an incident or accident.

Insurance & Procurement Verification

Liaise with company insurance providers to meet mandatory requirements and established ISNetworld criteria. Evaluate vendor and contractor H&S systems and mitigate risk or provide recommendations for usage.

Regulatory Compliance & Training

All policies, procedures or requirements are certified to industry and regulatory standards. Provide company employees competency training to meet and exceed mandatory specifications.

Auditing & Evaluating

Provide remote and onsite auditing of current company systems and processes. Evaluate and make recommendations based upon knowledge and expertise across multiple industries to mitigate risk and enhance overall effectiveness.

Customer Service and Outreach

Engage with customers and database managers on overall compliance and level of customer service. Apply the Plan, Do, Check, Act model to provide continuous improvement of systems and services.

When it comes to protecting the safety and reputation of your company, TWS is a comprehensive safety solutions, safety supplies and training company servicing the entire state of Texas. Our comprehensive solutions include Texas Based Environmental Site Assessment, Texas Based First Aid CPR AED Training, Texas Based Safety Training and Texas Based HSE Consulting.

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