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As your in-service safety provider, we wanted to send out this monthly safety message to raise awareness and enhance employee quality of life in your company. This monthly message deals with “The Importance of Safety Database Grading Management.”

The importance of safety database grading management and proper management can not be overstated. Contractor management services like ISNetworld and Veriforce can elevate or decimate your company’s hiring potential based upon your grades on their associated platforms. “Green” means go, “Yellow” means Caution, and “Red” means stop; many are familiar with these terms. In today’s world of electronic applications (apps) and online platforms, it is crucial that your company leverage all the tools possible to market itself effectively to potential hiring clients. One tool many companies use today is a third-party, online safety management database system that pre-screens companies and ensures that companies meet minimum regulatory and hiring client specific criteria before they are contracted to work. A question you may have is, “How can my company use this tool to grow as a business and attract these hiring clients?” The best way to do this is by achieving “good grades” or “Green” staus on the safety management database system.

Hiring clients that use this tool set up a grading criteria, not unlike many schools do, using an “A,B,C, and F” scale. Each grade has criteria to meet and based upon the grade your company receives, will determine how you can work and even your marketability to potential hiring clients. A general rough breakdown of the grades are as follows:

“A” – Recommended or preferred for use

“B” – Acceptable to use

“C” – Use with caution or use with approval from hiring client

“F” – Unapproved or restricted for use

Some hiring clients use the color coding system to identify which contractors are preferred and which contractors to stay away from. With this grading system you can normally see the following rules applied to each respective color:

“Green” – No action required, company is in good standing to use

“Yellow” – Company requires a mitigation plan before use or restrictions must be addressed

before approval

“Red” – Company is not allowed to work on site and requires serious action before consideration

Regardless of the hiring clients grading scale, companies should always work towards the “A” or “Green” status; not only will this foster a strong working relationship with your hiring client, but it will also make you more marketable to future hiring clients.


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