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How to select a First Aid Restocking Vendor

When it comes to making sure you are complying with OSHA regulations to provide basic first aid supplies for your office you may decide it is better to hire a 3rd party service company to restock your first aid supplies.

But how do you select the proper first aid kit service company (enter keyword) and how does a first aid service work?

What questions should you be asking your potential service provider? Are there any differences in the products they are restocking in the kits or are the main differences in the service attributes they provide? What are the minimum requirements for first aid kits and is that best option for my employees?

Anytime you bring on a new vendor the process can seem daunting. After all, first aid supplies are a pretty basic and routine item that are available anywhere, right?

Most first aid providers set up their service visits for once a month, this means you will be receiving 12 invoices throughout the year for restocking first aid supplies. Not only is this a monthly service visit, you will also be attracting an outside vendor into your facility so you need to check what qualifications your newly selected vendor has for their first aid technicians.

Below are 5 questions you should ask any first aid provider when you are interviewing them to
potentially bring them onboard:

1. How are your technicians compensated? Are they paid a flat fee or are they incentivized with commission based upon what is placed in the first aid cabinet?
2. How many inventory line items do you carry? (The more line items a provider carries the more opportunity to place additional items in a first aid kit potentially leading to higher monthly invoices)
3. What training do your technicians have? (Anytime you invite a contractor onsite you are assuming a certain level of liability so it is important to check what certifications/training their technicians possess)
4. Is there a minimum fee for coming onsite to inspect our first aid kits?
5. What is the cost of a new first aid kit?

In summary, it can be difficult to keep up with first aid kit refills so it is always a good idea to keep your options open with searching for a first aid service provider to keep you compliant.


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