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Does my AED need service?

Simple answer, YES. You are required to provide routine checks on your AED(s) that you have onsite. If you are reading this because your AED has started making a beeping, chirping, or any other noise it means something needs to be replaced or updated on your unit in order to function properly. Here is the legislation for Texas on AED ownership and maintenance

Common Items to check on your AED

1. Pads. On almost all AED models the pads are the first piece of equipment that will need replaced. Depending on the model, pads will need to be replaced at an interval of every 2-5 years.
Q: How do I check the expiration date?

A. Every AED pad has a month and year listed for the expiration date. The date listed on the pad is when your AED pads are due for replacement. This number will be on the front or back of the AED pad.

2. Batteries. The next most common item that will need to be replaced are the AED batteries. AED batteries last a a little longer than pads (typically they start to go bad at the 5 year mark)

Q. How do I check my AED battery?

A. Similar to how you check AED pads, every battery will have an individual expiration date listed on the unit.

3. Software update. From time to time manufacturers will releases software updates for their units. Unfortunately, this can be a tricky one to track as this is released by the manufactures and if you have had employee turnover or you don’t currently have an AED management program in place this communication could have been missed. If you are concerned about this, it is best to contact an AED service company for assistance

So how do you make sure you are staying up to date on your AED(s) and keeping up with the Federal requirements for maintaining your AED and reducing your companies liability for having one onsite?

The best most economical way to maintain your AEDs and log your AED checks is to have a remote monitoring plan. This is a hands off approach that uses cellular technology to record weekly status updates on your AED and it provides a service where you the owner of the AED are contacted if there are any updates required. Click here to be contacted for more information on this service.

Another option is to assign a staff member to perform the AED checks. Below is a list of tasks they need to perform to check the AEDs:

• Status Indicator
• Pads dates
• Battery function
• Accessories such as personal protection are present
• AED and connections are in good condition
• Software is up to date

To research your individual AED, below are links to the most popular AED manufacturers:



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